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FBI probes Prince Andrew’s link to Epstein sex scandal

by Leah Simpson, Daily Mail: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7516595/FBI-probes-Prince-Andrew-link-Jeffrey-Epstein-wont-dismiss-claims-royal.html

FBI probes Prince Andrew’s link to Epstein sex scandal: Investigation ‘expands to include 100 victims with several who may have more details on the Duke and agency WON’T dismiss claims just because he’s royal’

The FBI has expended their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein as they probe Prince Andrew’s ties to the disgraced financier who hanged himself in prison last month.

Former sex slave, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, had accused the Duke of York of having sex with her when she was underage at just 17 years old, and claimed she was offered up while at Epstein’s ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell’s London home.

But the probe was dropped by the UK’s Metropolitan Police in 2015 and this week a former Florida cop who worked as a Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy in Epstein’s pedophile case of 2009 alleged the FBI covered up Prince Andrew’s involvement.

FBI has expended their investigation into Jeffrey Epstein (left) and will question more alleged victims over the next two months who could reveal details of Prince Andrew’s (right) connection to the disgraced billionaire

Virginia Roberts Giuffre (center aged 17) claimed in a lawsuit dropped in 2015 that she was forced to have sex with the Duke of York (left) at the London home of Ghislaine Maxwell (right)

Andrew met Epstein in 1999 and has reportedly flown on his private just twice including  with Giuffre in 2001. They are pictured in December 2010, after Epstein was released from a short stint in prison for the 2009 case where he was convicted as a pedophile

Now the Federal Bureau of Investigation will question approximately 100 victims who were aged 14 or 15 when the alleged sex trafficking by Epstein took place.

Prince Andrew reportedly met Epstein in 1999 and the royal flew on the financier’s private jet twice – including once in 2001 with Giuffre.

It’s claimed 35-year-old Giuffre’s account isn’t the only one the FBI – who have already identified 80 victims – is looking into in regards to Prince Andrew, 59.

He also visited Epstein’s New York home in 2013 and it’s now claimed more witnesses could reveal details about his friendship with Epstein.

‘The US investigation is focusing on several potential victims in the hope that they can provide more details about Prince Andrew and his connection to the Epstein case,’ sources from the US Department of Justice told The Sunday Times. ‘They are not going to dismiss it [claims relating to Andrew] because he is a royal.’

The publication reports that Scotland Yard detectives have been briefed and are ready to assist the investigation.

Alleged victims will be interview over the course of the next two months, The Sunday Times reported.

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