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Clinton/DNC BUSTED in Ukraine

From True Pundit - https://truepundit.com/proof-audio-email-evidence-shows-dnc-colluded-with-ukraine-to-take-down-trump-in-2016-video/

The Democrats have been trying for years now to find evidence that President Donald Trump colluded with Russia to sway the 2016 election. As it turns out, the DNC has been doing the exact same thing in Ukraine, all the while misleading Americans with empty allegations and smokescreens.

On Friday’s radio program, Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, and Stu Burguiere discuss the documents, finances, hacked emails, and audio recordings that show the Ukraine scandal goes far beyond Joe and Hunter Biden, and their involvement with Ukraine oil company Burisma. To see the documents and other source materials for yourself, click here, or go to GlennBeck.com.

Glenn read a leaked email from Alex Chalupa, a lawyer hired by Democrats to “investigate” then-candidate Trump in Ukraine, addressed to Louise Miranda at the DNC. – READ MORE