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  • dommy


The Devil is on the ropes, and with each passing day we get closer to the truth. While undeniably a good thing, The Devil, when cornered, will fight tooth and claw until his dying breath.

The obviously orchestrated Ukraine saga is undoubtedly a distraction, albeit a monumental turning point in this world series of political theater. If we stop and think for just a few moments, we may recall a long list of salacious headlines that have since faded from the forefront of the insane stream news media landscape. The granddaddy of them all, the Jeffery Epstein scandal, has become distant memory amidst non stop reporting on the theater that is Washington DC politics. With that said, my dear friends, it really is all connected, and the Obama administration was up to it’s wretched neck in nefarious activity that would shake this country to its core were it to be uncovered. Invisible, behind the scenes dirtbags like Epstein are involved in every aspect of the political arena, including the Ukraine scandal surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden.

Joe Biden has a massive problem on his hands, and the people he associates with are in full panic mode. Allegations surrounding his son, Hunter, and his illicit dealings with Ukraine and China are threatening to blow the lid on the Obama Administration’s corruption wide open. Rest assured, swamp rats of all shapes and sizes are desperately trying to cover their tracks, and project blame on their opponents for doing things they themselves in fact did.

The Biden corruption is but a sliver of the pie, and I have no doubt he’ll fall on his sword should it come to that. The Crowd Strike mystery is deepening by the hour, and I have a strong feeling it will play a significant role in uncovering the truth. In the meantime, Biden takes center stage and it will be interesting to see how long he can remain out in front of what is most certainly a giant, pile of you know what.

- Dommy