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As citizens of the United States, we face the unprecedented and monumental task of preserving our civil liberties in the face of formidable adversity. This objective, while seemingly insurmountable, remains within our reach albeit quickly dissipating. 


We can say with certainty and full confidence that our neighbors and fellow countrymen are not the enemy. No, my dear friends, our neighbors and fellow countrymen are not the enemy at all. 


We are surrounded on all sides by powerful forces of darkness and unspeakable evil. These forces are disguised as friendly’s, and pass themselves off as journalists, politicians, activists, philanthropists, and celebrities. In addition to taking the human form, these forces find homes amongst our appliances, our tools, our information resources, and above all, our entertainment and communication devices.  


A particularly offensive collection of scoundrels slither their way through our mainstream news media, concocting a narrative that divides the great citizens of this nation, and lines the pockets of their masters for whom they fecklessly serve. These despicable human shells lie to impressionable people for money, shamelessly peddling the days narrative and shouting down dissent from the confines of their air conditioned studios. News anchors, journalists, reporters, columnists, and personalities, minus a handful of brave individuals, are truly the foot soldiers of the Devil himself. 


These scoundrels are controlled by the networks, who in turn are controlled by oligarchs. Powerful men and women from bloodlines that go back to the days of kings. Complete control over the world's population is their endgame, and the citizens of the United States of America inconveniently stand in their way. 


Dear friends, we are these citizens. We’re the taxpayer, the layman, the church goer, and the family man. We’re the mothers, the sons, the sisters and brothers and we must stand up for our God given rights. We are the inconvenience and it is us, the citizens, who writhe under the boot heel of an ever expanding government, corrupt to its core and up to its wretched neck in paedophelia, drug smuggling, terrorism, proxy wars and everything in between. 


Yes, we face a formidable adversary. Yes, the battle will be long and bloody. Yes, the task at hand appears futile, but we the people control our destiny in every sense of the word. We have the power of choice, the freedom of thought, and the ability to make decisions in the best interest of our families and loved ones. We have our hearts and our souls, our morals and our values, those of which the forces of darkness are incapable of possessing. 


However, the God given rights we enjoy as citizens of the United States of America are indeed being spirited away right before our eyes. The most terrifying aspect of this truly dangerous situation is our docile and willing attitude towards giving up our rights, our freedoms, and our power to individuals and entities who blatantly peddle their sinister agendas. These unforgivable scoundrels, with complete and total disregard for our health, our happiness, and the health and happiness of our children, peddle their wares on a population, the majority of whom are good, honest, and hard working people. The forces of darkness permeating our society have one goal in mind and that is the complete and total destruction of our freedom, and the overarching power to do what they please without fear of dissent amongst the general public. Dear friends, we must steel ourselves and harden our stance. Truly I tell you, this is a formidable adversary. 


“What can one do?” is a question being asked across the landscape of this vast nation. As earlier stated, this mission seems insurmountable and futile to its core. However, these forces of darkness feed on fear, confusion, turmoil, and division, and these are all areas that we have control over as free individuals. We can choose to be kind, generous, and self aware. We can choose to be outspoken and carry ourselves with an air of morality. We can turn the networks off with a click of a button, using less energy than one would use to squeeze toothpaste onto a toothbrush. We can be tolerant of differing opinions, and respect our brothers and sisters, each one being unique from the other. We can be open minded to possibilities that make us uncomfortable, and understand the difference between equality in regards to the way we treat each other, and the obvious differences between human beings. 


We can recognize that the narrative to the contrary is shaped by an outrageously small group of psychotic individuals, so few in numbers they’d be incapable of filling a football stadium. In contrast, we the people are a force to be reckoned with, armed to the teeth with our whits and our courage, not to mention our literal firepower and the fact that we have God on our side. History is quickly forgotten amongst a distracted populace, but not long ago we the people defeated an army of immense proportions as the impossible underdog. We the people still have the power, and we must hold onto it at all costs. To retain this power, our God given rights under the United States Constitution must be preserved. 


The first and second amendments are vital to our survival as free individuals, and stand together as two of the most important and definitive aspects of our constitution. They should be demanded without question, by every tax paying citizen living in the United States of America with absolutely no exception. Sadly, we can say with full confidence and certainty, that the first and second amendments are indeed under a ruthless and continuous attack. Between the politicization of horrific tragedies by feckless politicians, and the non stop drivel seeping from the open mouths of liberal media pawns, our nation has become confused. We’re trading our rights for political correctness, and openly championing the disarmament of a populace whose nation was founded on the right to defend itself. Truly I tell you, an armed populace is the last line of defense in this battle between good and evil, and we’d be wise to ensure its survival. 


When discussing the importance of an armed public, one might be tempted to point out obvious disadvantages between the United States populace and the weapons at the disposal of the United States government. One might be tempted to argue that the forces of darkness could crush any resistance regardless of that resistance being armed, therefore rendering any argument in favor of the right to bear arms obsolete. 


On the contrary, we would remind the tempted individual that these forces are not interested in killing off a vast number of potential subservients. No, dear friends, the forces of darkness are in this fight for power, and without a docile populace that power is literally non existent. Therefore, disarming the public, the result of which would be total control and the ability to stifle all dissent due to the non-existence of free speech without the right to bear arms, is truly their ultimate goal. 


Dear friends, we implore you to imagine a world in which individual thought is no longer a reality. We implore you to imagine a world ruled by the iron fist of a complete and total dictatorship, the likes of which has never been seen before. The citizens of the United States of America are currently standing in the way of this dystopian nightmare, as we’re currently armed and dangerous in the eyes of the forces of darkness. Make no mistake, these forces will stop at nothing to disarm the great citizens of this nation, therefore rendering us helpless in the face of unimaginable, totalitarian misery. With the right to bear arms no longer in existence, freedom of speech will disappear into the depths of history, and the freedom we currently enjoy will be totally destroyed. 


Dear friends and fellow Americans, we implore you to be kind and generous today. Embrace your loved ones and express your gratitude, share your thoughts and be courageous. Stand up for what is right, and remember, say your prayers. Truly I tell you, God is listening.

- Dommy